Past Student Testimonials

"It gives me great pleasure to share my experience which I had with Paul Rabenowitz as my lecturer. I have been involved in the financial service industry for 27 years.  For the past 5 years a Wealth Adviser with PSG Wealth, specialising in Estate- and Wealth management.

Having a passion for our industry and continuous development, I decided to enrol for the Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Planning (CFP).  Being an independent adviser with contracts with all the big role players in the industry I had the benefit of having access to a lot of training programmes these companies could offer.

Being very demanding and specific in my needs I decided on Lightbulb Learning after researching other intermediaries learning experiences. I am extremely grateful to Paul for giving me such a fresh insight into the industry as a whole.  Paul have an enviable ability to hold the attention of the class and his humorous approach made the whole learning experience so much more enjoyable.  Paul has an excellent level of knowledge and were always able to provide his views and insight when presented with questions.  The slides provided me with all I needed to study and simplified the learning process.  Being an older student that is not used to an overload of learning material, I am sure I would not have been able to pass all my exams first time, two with distinctions, without these notes. I would most certainly recommend Paul as lecturer." – Dulcie Weyks – FSATM, Wealth Adviser.

"Paul made a great effort to keep everybody involved and his preparation was excellent. He has a talent of making difficult topics understandable and manageable. Thank you so much to the Lightbulb team! My marks improved substantially throughout the year thanks to Paul's notes and the mock exams. I would definitely recommend these lessons to anyone studying towards their CFP designation." – Simone Sharman – BComm Hons. Faerie Glen Stockbroking and Financial Planning. Financial Adviser.

"Paul Rabenowitz states –  Lightbulb Learning and Training is an industry leader in training financial planners. I can testify to that.

I registered for the 2016 training programme Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Planning.  Being a practising attorney with 26 years experience I was excited to extend my field of expertise to include financial planning, but with a BLC LLB (cum laude) obtained in 1987, with no studies thereafter and with no academic qualification in the field of commerce or tax I was soon to discover a foreign world of information which seemed impossible to master and definitely not meant for the feint hearted.

I despondently decided after attending Paul’s second lecture that I would be better off completing the Diploma over two years rather than in one go from March to August but with Paul’s calm support, superb patience and tough love encouragement I decided to plough forth.  I began a journey that took over my life for six months but what an empowering experience!

The prescribed study guidelines that students are provided with, are just that, guidelines.  I am convinced that I would never have successfully completed all four modules of the post graduate programme without attending Paul’s lectures and studying his notes in addition to the guidelines and textbook.

The theoretical knowledge is illustrated with up to date practical examples and case studies similar to the online weekly assignments that must be submitted for exam marks and as tested in the exam papers.  The mock exam papers are comprehensive and I did not encounter one question in the final exam papers that I was not familiar with or well prepared for.

I followed Paul’s instructions, notes and advice religiously and contribute my success to him."  – Hannelie Basson